Gank Me! V-day TPK 7/31/18

Who hasn’t headed out on Girl’s Night and ended up alone after all your friends hooked up with other people? Just me? Really?


Buncha liars!

Anyway, lets go on a side quest: Total Party Kill on V-day. The all girl raid of Love is In The Air fest goes down and only the tank is left at the end. What will happen?! Is there phat loot?

NOTE: this story is a combination of comic pages, pinups, and written story. Here’s the comic part to get you started.

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[luna has left the party; Gally has left the party. You have been returned to the Looking for Group que]
[Tira has left the group .You are not party leader]

yeah go in an elf run bar and start being really nasty to them, that always turns out great
“I can tank that Ret Pally!” famous last words
It only counts as Holy Communion if you swallow baby
Ride that Ret Pally at your own risk!



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