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Gank Me! Window Dressing 10





VDay TPK: page 8 and 9 whut?!?

Who hasn’t headed out on Girl’s Night and ended up alone after all your friends hooked up with other people? Just me? Really?


Buncha liars!

Anyway, lets go on a side quest: Total Party Kill on V-day. The all girl raid of Love is In The Air fest goes down and only the tank is left at the end. What will happen?! Is there phat loot?

NOTE: this story is a combination of comic pages, pinups, and written story. Here’s the comic part to get you started.

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[luna has left the party; Gally has left the party. You have been returned to the Looking for Group que]
[Tira has left the group .You are not party leader]

yeah go in an elf run bar and start being really nasty to them, that always turns out great
“I can tank that Ret Pally!” famous last words
It only counts as Holy Communion if you swallow baby
Ride that Ret Pally at your own risk!


Gank Me! My 1st Crit pg 1-6

When I was in nursing school I didn’t have much time to draw but I carried around a Molskein for notes and occasionally if stuck in a stupid lecture I’d sketch out some SFW elf comics.

And hey….someone asked once, how do Alvar and Sir Crits-a-lot know each other and how did they meet? Well both are survivors of the Silvermoon Seige from the same part of town.  Al ran his families clothing business that also made robes for the priests and specialized in really fancy sewing, and Crits was a priest at the Church Of Light.  They only knew each other in passing until Alvar showed up with Mary the Succubus at one of the survivor camps. Nobody questioned how he got there from a part of town that was completely in undead control. Nobody also asked about how he was chipper and full of energy while everybody else was starting to get sick from the loss of the Sunwell.

Lots of Al’s adventures helping out were based on experiences as a baby nurse, including the tape over the mouth.

TAGS: Plot, Slice of Life


So yeah, non-porn related plot but it’s kinda funny?

Meeting Brother Sunwhisper
He’s not very friendly
Getting told about himself
They’ve got a use for a warlock!
He was right! You ARE demon spawn!
Don’t try Soothing Kiss on savage patients. It won’t work

Orphan Pages: PAX East adventure

Had issue 6 worked up a long time ago with Moon and Resari taking Al’s spare tickets to the Pandarian Adventure’s Xpo and getting into a crazy amount of trouble (Three ways, 4 ways, a demon inspired orgy etc.) Buuuuut lost my momentum and well that means orphan pages that are just sketches or inks. If they are any good I’ll post them here and there in between regular comic pages.

Orphan Pages


And what was that favor you ask? Be his Booth Bunnies for a day. Probably good it never happened since those two are the type to punch someone who’s “just browsing”.

Brewfest: hard like heroic

Anybody else remember this song from back in the day? Anybody? Well it’s been my jam (again) while working on this threeway comic. Yeah one of you voted for more vanilla ripple with Window Dressing and #swanVSal but yeah the cunt wants what the cunt wants so more brewfest! In the meantime while I finish cleaning up the opening pages (which is hard like heroic lol), lets y’know preview this comic


BTW: this song came out the same year I started drawing silly elf porn!