Gank Me! My 1st Crit SFW

When I was in nursing school I didn’t have much time to draw but I carried around a Molskein for notes and occasionally if stuck in a stupid lecture I’d sketch out some SFW elf comics.

And hey….someone asked once, how do Alvar and Sir Crits-a-lot know each other and how did they meet? Well both are survivors of the Silvermoon Seige from the same part of town.  Al ran his families clothing business that also made robes for the priests and specialized in really fancy sewing, and Crits was a priest at the Church Of Light.  They only knew each other in passing until Alvar showed up with Mary the Succubus at one of the survivor camps. Nobody questioned how he got there from a part of town that was completely in undead control. Nobody also asked about how he was chipper and full of energy while everybody else was starting to get sick from the loss of the Sunwell.

Lots of Al’s adventures helping out were based on experiences as a baby nurse, including the tape over the mouth.

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So yeah, non-porn related plot but it’s kinda funny?

Meeting Brother Sunwhisper
He’s not very friendly
Getting told about himself
They’ve got a use for a warlock!
He was right! You ARE demon spawn!
Don’t try Soothing Kiss on savage patients. It won’t work

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