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A World of Warcraft themed doujinshi comic that has slowly devolved into more WoW inspired and not directly 100% related to the game because fuck it ain’t nobody got time for drawing that sort of armor!

Issue 1 & 2: Gank Me! & Gank Me! Again: 1st Issue of this goofball comic 2nd Issue was very short, maybe 8 pages and so is included

—-PAIRING: Alvar Hrunting and Swan White
—-TAGS: straight, vanilla, potions, cross faction, backstabbing, elves

Issue 3 Gank Me Spare Parts: Galliano the human warlock uses a forbidden text stolen from Alvar by Swan to summon a succubus but gets a lot more than she bargained for,

—-PAIRING: Gally and Dante the Incubus
—-TAGS: straight, vanilla, demon, double penetration, tail fucking, human on demon, black&grey, manga style

Issue 4 :Gank Me! Rematch :   Swan shows up in the barrens to hook up with Alvar again. Moon the shaman and Resi the paladin try and break it up and fail. 1st appearance of Mary the Succubus, Moon, Resari, and the Delta students.

—-PAIRING: AlvarX Swan, MoonXResari, AlvarXSwanXJeeves the voidwalker
—-TAG: straight, lesbian, double penetration, demon, forced orgasm, squirting,
5th Issue Gank Me!: Repo Man

TRIGGER WARNING: This comic got pretty dark, just saying. If violent, possibly noncon sex (on both sides) with bondage and hate fucking bothers you don’t read it. After the 1st issue a lot of people wanted Swan dead or at least punished sooooo….because I’m a sick bastard here you go.
PAIRING: Swan, “Sir Crits-a-lot” Kalec, Luna Starfire (one like 1 page)
TAGS: bondage, non-con, rough sex, anal, spanking, choking, electro torture


Brass vs Blue: Polymorph Self
Zahir  the Brass Dragon now has time to relax after defeating and driving out Alhana the Blue Dragon from her territory. The local orc tribe offers him the gift of a slave girl who’s a bard, what better gift for a collector of stories like Zahir! But his new companion is more than she seems.

—TAGS: BDSM, nipple piercing, anal, hair pulling, collar, dragons, biting, straight


95% NSFW Fantasy and Scifi Erotica

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