Welcome to my art blog/comic site. Here’s a little about the owner of this glitchy lil’ disaster. On this site you’ll find back issues of all the goofy porn comics I’ve done (That I can find anyway), new comics, blog posts and whatever. It’s my site I’ll do what I want!

GAMERTAG: Moondai#1492 (Find me on battle.net sometime why doncha?)

Below you’ll find some answers to questions I’ve been asked since I started doing this 10 years ago.

Who the fuck you think you are mang?: Just a humble porn drawer by day, average jo wage slave by night. If I’m not working I’m spinning fire and hoops for the local circus, doing burlesque in dive bars, making art, playing WoW, and attending every convention/regional burn/flow fest I can get to. I’m a dabbler man, should have been my user tag!

Where have you been?: Working working working and wallowing in depression. But hey, the nukes are going to drop any time, I’m heavily medicated and inspired so why not draw more. Is it going to be good? Come on it wasn’t good before! But if you liked it before, I hope you’ll like stuff more NOW!

How to you make this junk?: Back in the day when I thought I was a decent artist (lolol I know right?! What a tard!) I used to do fancy shit and people gave me hell for it. Now comics are drawn either on the comp with my old ass barely working tablet in the same version of PS I’ve had for years or in Krita.  (90% of shit is legit done in this bad ass free program. Get it, love it!) Sometimes I play around in Painter. I’ve been drawing anything SFW on scrap paper in between call lights with whatever shit half chewed on pencil I got and old pigment pens and sometimes purple skin marker if that’s whats in my pocket. Sometimes my dumbass even does things in markers left over from art school 10+ years ago.  My scanner is busted….I “scan” shit by taking a photo of it with my phone because I’m low tech! Occasionally I do watercolor because I like it and I do what I want.

So if your pen name is Moondai, is that troll shaman a self insert?: I’ve been asked this many times and the answer is simple: every character has a bit of me in them. NONE of them is a complete self insert! Each of them get some issue be it alcohol abuse and denile (Moon), wanting to be a good person when you’re actually a horrible sociopath (Alvar), slutty love for “catchin’ em all” as far as cocks (Swan) or seeing your beloved creation go to hell and not being able to fix it (Mary the succubus) But that character is based on the very first character I made in WoW vanilla and that was her name and what I was going by online at the time and it’s stuck. In all future issues this character is going to have a different name because I’m tired of explaining.

Why do you keep putting plot in?! Nobody cares, and you suck at writing!: Because I want to that’s why! My party, my play list. Don’t like it? Don’t read it! Thanks for the page views tho

The art is crap!: love you too pal! I showed you mine, now show me yours if you think you can do better :p any time. I always like looking at good art. I’m not kidding. If you can do better please show me.


Nobody cares loser, why do you even bother? Why do you jerk off your dick while crying in your mamma’ basement?? Because it feels good obviously.


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